(crassadon) wrote,


I had a weird dream. I was, on the starship enterprise. It explored a strange space anomoly, and the ship was taken over by an ancient civilization that had died out. Some of the crew lost their sense of respect for the command structure. Lost adrift, in the center of the anomoly was a planet, surrounded by what must have been a great army at one point. The image of a fighter craft hung in the sky far above; perhaps the symbol of their civilization.

We had somehow rescued the ship, I think, but a smaller craft had been lost on the surface of the planet, so we went to reclaim it.

The planet is strange: like a forgotten world. We saw people, on the train, but I think, the planet may have constructed people to lull us into a false sense of security. The commander told us not to board, and that the ship should be nearby. . yet some of our party boarded the train.

Much of the planet appeared totally green, and natural, aside from a few mechanical systems that still ran and thought their empire still existed. Evidently we were stuck on the planet for some time. I went down the traintracks one day to find out what happened to our friends. There was a carnival, themed all around candy; candy was everywhere.

I found the rest of the staff somewhere nearby there, and they had a piece of the ship, and were tearing it apart; they said they didn't have to follow protocol. They were going to sell parts of the ship for supplies to survive. I wondered what supplies they could really get--the world seemed deserted; if there was any life present, it seemed such a life could not grasp what our lifeforms need to survive.

I was wondering if we had all been changing for a long time now, since entering the anomoly. Like, if some kind of gas got into our minds and was rewriting everything.
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