(crassadon) wrote,

sweet dreams

It feels like it's been a while since I've had a really awesome dream.

I was exploring a sort of castle. It was like a puzzle game; there was a mystery to solve. I wonder what it was. We were in the dining hall, when suddenly we heard that another room was on fire.

We rushed through the courtyard, to the fire. Using some tools, I shoved the fire into the fireplace, to contain it. Then, the bodies that had died in the blaze, started reanimating as zombies, and were lunging forth to attack us! Because I was the dark lord, I was able to control the zombie's minds, so they served me and my friend. Then we went out of the castle, and got some ice cream. I realized I would need some totally cooler clothes, if I was going to be controlling zombies. None of the citizen seemed to mind the zombies, since, maybe because they were tame and just milling about near us.

In the second part of the dream, I was driving home with Dad in his truck. He tried to take a shortcut through the forest. I told him there wasn't a path here anymore, as they took down the bridge, and built a house were the trail was. He said "let's try, anyway" and drove through the river. Then, down the hill, catching some airtime on a bump.

He was dismayed that there was so much water a ways aheead, and I told him they had built a fence beyond that, anyway. We drove along away; this was private property, and there should be a fence up ahead, anyway. There wasn't, though, but then a police car came driving up. Were they after us for driving on this property? No, they were interrogating a drunk driver, and we slipped past.

I was playing a game on my 3ds, and this made Ghidorah and Godzilla awaken and start fighting in the sky. Dad pulled over the truck, and we got out. Everyone was amazed, watching the battle as the two giants crashed into one another in the sky. Because we had stopped in front of a bank, and a bunch of people had gathered there, they employees were happy for the extra people, and offered some cinnamon buns. They were really tasty! Then we drove off.

I was doing some character creation in a game. You could play as a koopa, but you had to be a female. I was okay with this: koopas are awesome!
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